What is Backdrops?

Backdrops was created as a fun way to take pictures with a great backdrop. We all love having great pictures with our families & friends, but sometimes the background ruins the picture or we don’t even think to take pictures during an event! Backdrops provides all outdoor set ups for you to take some great pictures for whatever event or holiday you are celebrating.

Who we are?

Hi! I’m Jaime, owner of Backdrops, and would love to share a little bit about myself with you. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and currently stay home to raise my three young daughters. I have always loved decorating for parties and holidays. Whenever I host an event, I am always disappointed that you don’t see all the decorations in my pictures or have unsightly items in the background (when I actually remember to snap a couple shots). I am not a photographer, but phones these days make it pretty easy to take a great shot with little effort. That is why I decided to pursue my passion and start Backdrops! I hope I can help you create a photo backdrop for your next event!

– Jaime

All photos in gallery were taken with an an iPhone
Contact: backdropsnj@gmail.com


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